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POETIC DCC UPDATE from Dr. Tanya Trippett

Transitioning to the next stage of leadership

It has been an honor and a privilege to serve the children, families, doctors, nurses and pharmacists of the POETIC community, and our industry partners for 16 years. After 16 years of leadership as Director of POETIC, I believe that this is the perfect time to foster the development of POETIC’s next generation of leaders and visionaries. In so doing, I will transition from leadership as the Director of POETIC and will welcome Dr. Norman Lacayo of Stanford University as the next Director of POETIC on December 31, 2019. Dr. Lacayo brings to POETIC a strong foundation in pediatric oncology particularly in the areas of cancer genomics, leukemia and immunotherapy, all essential building blocks for advancement of the Mission of POETIC. I am confident that Dr. Lacayo will foster new vision and innovation in the establishment of precision-based approaches to cancer care for children with recurrent or refractory cancers. Under his direction, the horizon will be bright with hope for our nation’s children with cancer. Please join me in welcoming Dr. Norman Lacayo as Director of POETIC.

I look forward to focusing my efforts on international humanitarian initiatives to address disparities in cancer care for children in emerging nations.  We must not rest until all children have the same opportunity for cure of their cancer. Join us in ensuring that this Vision becomes a reality worldwide.

Researchers make progress understanding a rare pediatric cancer

Vaccine innovation targets high-risk childhood cancers




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Book chapters

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Abstracts and Posters

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