Recommended Reading: Adolescents

Baker, You and Leukemia: A Day at a Time

When a child is diagnosed with leukemia, this is the book for the child and family to read. You and Leukemia is written for children, but is often used by adults with leukemia, as well. It offers a basic, medically accurate explanation of all phases of leukemia—including the biology of the disease, its causes and effects, and therapeutic modalities.

Barber, Letters from a Friend: A Sibling Guide for Coping and Grief (Death, Value and Meaning Series)

Letters from a Friend provides a great deal for children in helping them cope with the loss of a sibling.

Berger, I Will Sing Life: Voices from the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp

Children from age seven through 17 find reasons to sing at the camp that actor Newman founded and named after the hideout in his hit film Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Although terminally ill, the campers are determined to live and do.

Buscalgia, Freddie the Leaf

This author ever so gently and beautifully uses nature and the changing seasons of life to explain how death can be seen as a natural part of living. This is a tender story to be read by people of all ages.

Crowe, Me and My Marrow: A Kid's Guide to Bone Marrow Transplants

Dorfman, The C Word: Teenagers and Their Families Living With Cancer

Five teens with cancer, their families, and best friends are interviewed about the affects the disease has had on their lives.

Ekert, Childhood Cancer Survivors: A Practical Guide to Your Future

The surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, and stem cell transplants used to cure children can affect growing bodies and developing minds. If survivors know of these potential problems, they can take steps to identify, cope with, or treat them early if they do develop.

Keene, Childhood Cancer Survivors: A Practical Guide to Your Future

Helps childhood cancer survivors identify, cope with, or treat potential problems early if they do develop. Content includes medical late effects from treatment, emotional aspects of surviving cancer, schedules for follow-up care, challenges in the healthcare system, and lifestyle choices.

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